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Along with the hand built M Series and C Series bass guitars that the Stonefield Musical Instrument Company has become known for, they also offer a wide range of tools for low end artists: F Series and G Series basses that are priced to meet the demands of working musicians everywhere, their remarkable passive tone circuit is now incorporated into signal processors for both stage and studio applications and just this year they have introduced most exciting range of small, lightweight amplifier cabinets that the industry has seen. Stonefield is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and they bring ground-breaking elements of design together with high standards of quality and unprecedented levels of innovation in everything they create.  

M Series

The M Series handmade bass guitars are where it all started for Stonefield and they represent our highest spec’d instruments. Handcrafted in our New Zealand workshop the M Series incorporates marine and aircraft grade laminates into a remarkably light weight yet very strong through-body core. With bodies created from a core of Fijian salusalu combined with an amazing array of custom fingerboard and topwood choices, the hand rubbed oil finishing turns these boutique bass guitars into works of art.

C Series

The Stonefield C Series of instruments originated in the requests of players asking us to create an instrument with all the playability and advantages of a Stonefield® but at an easier to access price point. We’ve removed things that may be seen as luxury items while keeping the features that most players have told us they consider to be the essential features of a Stonefield® bass

As with our M Series, the C series offers players an exceptional bass that breaks down traditional barriers and incorporates elements from cello, violin, archtop guitar and other premium stringed instrument designs. We promise you that the decision to buy a C Series bass will be a choice that you'll always be glad you made.

G Series 

Price conscious musicians that are still interested in taking advantage of some of the key aspects that Stonefield® has become known for will be pleased to discover our G Series electric bass guitars.

The G Series instrument is designed for superb looks, neutral balance and high performance. Incorporating the remarkable Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System as a standard feature, industry standard twin-pickup passive electronics and a floating, thumbwheel-adjustable wooden bridge & nut system give you superior, battery-free tone for any style or genre of music that you play.

F Series

The F Series electric bass guitar has been created for musicians that like the many aspects of our basses but have struggled to reach the price point required for the hand-made M and C Series instruments. For these players, the F Series bass is a great choice of musical instrument.

These basses are designed for superb looks, neutral balance and high performance. They are made under our supervision by a manufacturing partner we've chosen in Chennai, India. They use an alder body core, a maple or walnut top and a bolt-on, three-piece laminated maple neck with ebony fingerboard, all wrapped in a satin lacquer finish.


The Stinger is our funky wee mutant of an instrument. It's not an electric bass guitar and it's not an electric guitar ... it's actually a bit of both. 

The Stinger sports a 20-inch scale length and uses a mix of bass and guitar strings (.085 to .013) that are tuned in the standard guitar register to normal guitar tuning. Designed from a love of the chorded voice of an electric bass in the second octave, the Stinger has a depth and fullness that only can come from the larger strings found on a bass.

Check them out at www.stonefieldmusic.com and get familiar with the entire range of gear that they will be exhibiting at this year's show.

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Saturday 21 September 2019
10:00 - 17:00

Sunday 22 September 2019
10:00 - 16:00
Gear Hall closes at 16:00 on Sunday


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