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For well over 40 years, Maxon has been renowned for its effect pedals, in fact the brand has a close relation with the history of the electric guitar and the use of electronics in music creation. While having a fascinating history in the world of effects, the brand continues to innovate.

From overdrive, fuzz and distortion, a world of analog delay pedals or eq and compressors to a plethora of analog chorus, phaser, flanger and filter pedals, every new and classic product from Maxon is tried and tested by experienced players to ensure they not only inspire creativity, but sound and operate perfectly.

When top-recording artists as diverse as Killswitch Engage, Gin Blossoms, Sum 41 and Slipknot, to name but a few, use Maxon pedals, you can bet they boast a high level of quality. It’s easy to tell that Maxon effects are designed by experts who are passionate about what they do. The simple truth is that the brand takes pride in giving you the tools to let your imagination fly while playing your instrument, so it’s really no wonder why their effects units are sought after by musicians in the know the world over.

Founded in Japan as Nisshin Onpa in the mid-sixties, Maxon first specialized in the manufacture of pickups for electric guitars, although in 1969 they started designing effect pedals. These however were not under their own brand, but were sold under other well-known brand names (OEM) such as Ibanez™. The commercial relationship between the two firms grew stronger in the beginning of the seventies, to a point that Ibanez™ became Nisshin Onpa’s most important client.

In 1979 Nisshin Onpa developed the legendary Ibanez™ overdrive Tube Screamer TS-808©, while also selling it under its own brand as the Maxon OD-808 Overdrive. This pedal became a worldwide success and was seen on pedal boards everywhere. Stevie Ray Vaughan used two of those in series on his board, plus other famous guitarists like Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, Santana and even Rory Gallagher, Steve Stevens, Marty Friedman, Buddy Guy and many more were using it too.

Maxon successfully manufactured the entire line of effect pedals for Ibanez™ from 1974 to 2002, notably the “9 series”. However, Ibanez™ cancelled all partnership with Nisshin Onpa once Maxon’s patents fell into the public domain. Ibanez™ then re-created their own line of cloned ‘vintage’ effect pedals, being clearly inspired by the pedals that became legendary for over 30 years.

Today, Maxon have reissued the vintage classics, but not just by cloning. They use original and now hard to source components, such as analog delay lines and the double op-amp (operational amplifier) JRC 4558 (which also contributed to Ibanez™ and Maxon’s original success). However, the company has also released new and improved versions of many pedals, so isn’t just resting on its laurels!




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Saturday 21 September 2019
10:00 - 17:00

Sunday 22 September 2019
10:00 - 16:00
Gear Hall closes at 16:00 on Sunday


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